Creating thriving communities

Improving social mobility and breaking generational cycles of poverty and marginalisation is a proven way to address industry issues such as skills shortages. Our own experience, alongside expert insight, tells us that targeted programmes, such as well-structured work placements, job coaching and individual support remove employment barriers for individuals.

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Giving everyone an equal chance at work

Our teams at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital offer accredited training and work placements to upskill those in the area who have been out of work for a long time. Working with local councils, prisons and organisations like BITC, the approach is becoming critical to future skills availability and to access talent which might otherwise be overlooked.

How we’re tackling skills shortages

At Royal Liverpool University Hospital, we have delivered...

  • 120 apprentice placements
    that give young people a route into work
  • 3,000 volunteering hours in the community since 2013
  • 368 work placements provided
    for local schools, colleges, universities and local employment support programmes. Watch the video to learn more.
Royal Liverpool University Hospital
Carillion has made a massive difference to jobs, apprenticeships, training and supporting community groups. They have opened up opportunities directly and in their supply chain for local small/medium enterprises and have worked with the council’s in-house employment team, Liverpool in Work, to get local people, especially young people and those who are unemployed, into work. They’ve also worked with a lot of community groups locally. For example, in my own ward, Carillion have worked with Kensington Fields Community Association. They have helped with specific projects in the Community Centre, but have also built capacity within the community.”

Nick Small,Assistant Mayor of Liverpool Council

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