Sustainability in action

From the Middle East and North Africa, to Canada and the UK, we’re focusing on what our stakeholders tell us matters most. Read more in the spotlight stories below.

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Group of construction workers looking at plans

Health and safety will always come first

Safety, health and wellbeing are fundamental to every single Carillion contract.

A group of workers sitting next to each other

Looking after our workers

We build better communities through ensuring decent living and working conditions, not only for our direct employees but also for the contractors working on our projects.

Woman sitting at a desk talking using a headset

Innovating for customer satisfaction

In increasingly competitive and sophisticated service sectors, we focused on transforming the experience of 229 customers during 2016.

Woman cleaning hospital rail

Creating thriving communities

Improving social mobility and breaking generational cycles of poverty and marginalisation is a proven way to address industry issues such as skills shortages.

A construction worker

Renewable technologies: the future

The Paris Climate Agreement (COP21) and the Vancouver Declaration on Climate Change underline the need to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and to create better environments.

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