Looking after our workers

We build better communities through ensuring decent living and working conditions, not only for our direct employees but also for the contractors working on our projects. We set rigorous worker welfare standards, which subcontractor companies are expected to match. We adhere to the UK Modern Slavery Act, the International Labour Organization’s core conventions and we are now a signatory to the UN Global Compact.

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Fair employment – wherever we are

Across the Middle East, it has never been more important to protect the safety, welfare and rights of the people who are delivering the region’s infrastructure. Working with the Business and Human Rights group, we have published our commitments to best practice in safety, worker engagement, accommodation, food and facilities. We will not bid for projects if we feel these standards may be compromised.

How we’re taking a decisive stance against modern slavery

Across our international contracts, we have...

  • introduced a Labour Standards Charter for all suppliers
  • delivered compulsory training on modern slavery
    for all employees, through our e-Pod learning
  • achieved Four Stars in Dubai’s Taqdeer awards
    for excellence in labour and welfare practices (for Al Futtaim Carillion)
Carillion is among a small group of companies that have taken important steps to identify risks to human rights within their operations, develop procedures to address them and report publicly on their efforts. We look forward to seeing how this translates into improvements for workers on the ground, and urge other companies to follow suit with regards to human rights due diligence and transparency.”

Mariam Bhacker,Business and Human Rights Group

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